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Helps Solve

Revive can help solve and cure the following problems:

  • Reduced power
  • Poor pickup
  • Failed emissions
  • Low fuel economy
  • Smoking exhaust
  • Engine lights

Works On

Revive treatments can be carried out on all types of engines and vehicles:

  • Diesel / Petrol Engines
  • Turbo and Non-Turbo
  • Cars
  • Vans
  • Lorries

Prevent Problems

Preventative revive cleans at each service can help:

  • Keep your vehicle running in top condition
  • Maintain fuel economy
  • Reduce breakdowns
  • Avoid costly repairs
  • Maintain performance

Revive - Clean My Engine

Revive is a safe and environmentally friendly scientifically formulated cleaner for use in automotive engines. It uses proven technology that was developed for cleaning aeroplane jet engines, power station turbines, large marine engines and now vehicle engines.

A Revive clean performed on your vehicle helps fix problems associated with carbon and soot build-up inside the engine. A preventative clean that is normally performed at each service, can reduce soot build-up and the risk of expensive repairs and breakdowns. Preventative cleans are highly recommended for turbo diesel vehicles fitted with variable vane/nozzle/geometry turbos.

Contact your local garage or mechanic to get a Revive clean performed and find out how it can help your engine.